• Inferring public interest from search engine data requires caution

      Correia, Ricardo A.; Di Minin, Enrico; Jarić, Ivan; Jepson, Paul; Ladle, Richard; Mittermeier, John; Roll, Uri; Soriano-Redondo, Andrea; Veríssimo, Diogo (2019)
    • Sentiment analysis as a measure of conservation culture in scientific literature

      Lennox, Robert J.; Veríssimo, Diogo; Twardek, William M.; Davis, Colin R.; Jarić, Ivan (2020)
      Culturomics is emerging as an important field within science, as a way to measure attitudes and beliefs and their dynamics across time and space via quantitative analysis of digitized data from literature, news, film, social media, and more. Sentiment analysis is a culturomics tool that, within the last decade, has provided a means to quantify the polarity of attitudes expressed within various media....