• Selection on MHC class II supertypes in the New Zealand endemic Hochstetter’s frog

      Lillie, Mette; Grueber, Catherine E.; Sutton, Jolene T.; Howitt, Robyn; Bishop, Phillip J.; Gleeson, Dianne; Belov, Katherine (2015)
      The New Zealand native frogs, family Leiopelmatidae, are among the most archaic in the world. Leiopelma hochstetteri (Hochstetter’s frog) is a small, semi-aquatic frog with numerous, fragmented populations scattered across New Zealand’s North Island. We characterized a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II B gene (DAB) in L. hochstetteri from a spleen transcriptome, and then compared its diversity to neutral microsatellite markers to assess the adaptive genetic diversity of five populations (“evolutionarily significant units”, ESUs).