• Curating small samples: Increasing the number of seeds for storage and restoration

      Maschinski, Joyce; Walters, Christina; Haskins, Kris; Birker, Cheryl; Randall, Johnny; Randall, Leslie; Watkins, Kirstie; Clarke, Margaret; Davitt, Joe; Havens, Kay; et al. (Center for Plant ConservationEscondido, California, 2019)
      Some species produce so few seeds in the wild that collections of 100 seeds or less are expected. These require additional care. For best conservation value, increase seeds before storage by taking steps to grow to maturity, collect next generation seeds, and store....
    • Documentation

      Maschinski, Joyce; Heineman, Katherine D.; Randall, Johnny; Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) (Center for Plant ConservationEscondido, California, 2019)
      Conservation collections require appropriate documentation to retain their highest conservation value. When documentation is kept according to international standards, it can be easily shared with other institutions