• Genetic aspects of equids with particular reference to their hybrids

      Benirschke, Kurt; Ryder, Oliver A.; (1985)
      This paper gives a brief review of the cytogenetic knowlege of equine species, the chromosomal errors currently known to exist, and an account of the interspecific hybrids that have served man during the 4500 years of domestication of horse and donkey.
    • Molecular phylogeny of extant equids and effects of ancestral polymorphism in resolving species-level phylogenies

      Steiner, Cynthia C.; Mitelberg, A.; Tursi, R.; Ryder, Oliver A. (2012)
      …Here we studied the phylogenetic relationships of all extant species of Equidae by analyzing 22 partial mitochondrial and nuclear genes using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inferences that account for heterogeneous gene histories. We also examined genetic signatures of lineage sorting and/or genetic introgression in zebras by evaluating patterns of intraspecific genetic variation….