• Genetic guidelines for maintaining a conservation collection

      Maschinski, Joyce; Havens, Kayri; Font, Jeremie; Kramer, Andrea; Vitt, Pati; Neale, Jennifer Ramp; Guerrant Jr., Edward O.; Edwards, Christine; Steele, Stephanie; Maschinski, Joyce; et al. (Center for Plant ConservationEscondido, California, 2019)
      Give your reintroduced population a good chance for survival by starting with adequate numbers of plants or seeds at the beginning. Determine the source of the plants or seeds. Determine whether the source should consist of seeds or plants from a single population or from mixed populations.
    • Guidelines for zoo and aquarium veterinary medical programs and veterinary hospitals

      Backues, Kay; Clyde, Vickie; Denver, Mary; Fiorello, Christine; Hilsenroth, Rob; Lamberski, Nadine; Larson, Scott; Meehan, Tom; Murray, Mike; Ramer, Jan (2011)
      ... The following document is the fifth edition developed by the Veterinary Standards Committee of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians to be used as a guideline for zoos and aquariums in developing and evaluating the medical programs in their institutions. The Veterinary Medical Program encompasses the routine medical and surgical care of the collection and the preventive medicine program. In order for the veterinary staff to support these programs of veterinary care, a hospital facility appropriate to the collection's needs is required. It is hoped that this document will be an aid in the accreditation of zoos and aquariums by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.