• Preventive medicine success: Thymoma removal in an African spot-necked otter (Lutra maculicollis)

      Pye, Geoffrey W.; White, Amanda; Robbins, P.K.; Burns, Rachel E.; Rideout, Bruce; (2010)
      During a preventive medicine examination on a 13-yr-old intact female African spot-necked otter (Lutra maculicollis), radiographs were obtained and a cranial thoracic mass was noted. Cytology from an ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirate was suggestive of a thymoma. Surgical removal was performed and this diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology….
    • Sociality and signaling activity modulate information flow in river otter communication networks

      Barocas, Adi; Golden, Howard N; Dudenhoeffer, Megan; Ben-David, Merav (2020)
      …In concert, our results suggest that in river otters, scent-marking decisions minimize signal dilution by being performed in small groups and maximize the receivers through preferential signaling at latrines with higher, more recent activity. Because signaling decisions in social animals are linked to key life-history events such as mating and group membership shifts, understanding their individual and population-level drivers can be crucial.