• Distribution and population patterns of the threatened palm Brahea aculeata in a tropical dry forest in Sonora, Mexico

      López-Toledo, Leonel; Horn, Christa M.; Endress, Bryan A. (2011)
      The use of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) has great potential for the conservation of natural resources and rural development…. However, in most cases basic ecological information, such as distribution and abundance of the species is unknown, as is information on the ecological implications of human impacts, such as leaf harvest and livestock grazing…. Results from this study will be used to develop appropriate conservation, management and restoration plans of B. aculeata in the area.
    • Ecological and socio-economic factors influencing aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) resource management in two indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon

      Horn, Christa M.; Gilmore, Michael P.; Endress, Bryan A. (2012)
      In this study, we sought to better understand the social, economic, and ecological factors influencing the development of sustainable management practices for Mauritia flexuosa (aguaje) in two Maijuna indigenous communities. Focus groups, semi-structured interviews and household surveys were conducted to document current and historical patterns of aguaje harvest and management, the importance of aguaje to household income, and to identify current harvesting strategies and key perceptions regarding management….
    • Potential management of Chamaedorea seifrizii (Palmae), a non-timber forest product from the tropical forest of Calakmul, Southeast Mexico

      López-Toledo, Leonel; Horn, Christa M.; López-Cen, A.; Collí-Díaz, R.; Padilla, A. (2011)
      Leaves and seeds of Chamaedorea (xate) palms are important non-timber forest products (NTFPs). In the Calakmul region (Yucatan Peninsula) of Mexico, several communities have sporadically collected and sold seeds of C. seifrizii since 1980. However, harvesting has intensified recently, raising concerns about overexploitation....
    • Resilience to chronic defoliation in a dioecious understorey tropical rain forest palm

      López-Toledo, Leonel; Endress, Bryan A.; Anten, N.; Ackerly, D.; Martinez-Ramos, M. (2012)
      Chronic defoliation reduces fitness components of C. elegans palms differentially between genders. Recovery is gradual and is slower and less complete in females compared with males. The lower level of resilience to chronic defoliation shown by female plants may have profound consequences for the dynamics and genetic variability of populations of tropical understorey plants...
    • Source–sink population dynamics and sustainable leaf harvesting of the understory palm Chamaedorea radicalis

      Berry, Eric J.; Gorchov, David L.; Endress, Bryan A.; Liu, Jianguo; Hull, Vanessa; Morzillo, Anita T.; Wiens, John A. (Cambridge University PressCambridge, 2011)
      In this study we assessed the sustainability of leaf harvesting of the palm Chamaedorea radicalis by modeling the dynamics of harvested populations using stage-structured transition matrices. Within the study site, El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, palm demography and population growth is dependent on substrate type; a relationship that is due to the role of rock outcrops as a refuge from herbivory by free-ranging livestock....