• Information sharing for gorilla conservation: a workshop in Ruhija.

      Imong, I.; Abwe, Ekwoge E.; Ikfuingei, R.; Onononga, J.R.; Makaga, L. (2012)
      Gorilla conservationists and researchers working on the ground at different sites often face the challenge of accessing valuable yet unpublished information about ongoing projects outside their immediate locality, and sharing experiences on their respective projects. Poor information sharing among field workers means that those planning or carrying out projects at one site may not be able to learn from the experiences of others who might have implemented similar projects at other sites.
    • Obituary to Kupe Cowboy

      Morgan, Bethan J. (2020)
      Simon ‘Kupe’ Ngwese, better known as ‘Kupe Cowboy’, lived a full life. Born in around 1940, to a poor family in Kupe village, near Tombel, Kupe-Muanenguba division of South West Region, Cameroon, like many around him he grew up as a farmer and opportunistic hunter. Later in life, he worked as a research assistant to the then San Diego Zoo Global project at Mount Kupe in Bakossiland....